Sunday, August 26, 2007

Big or Small lizard?

Can you believe it? A living monitor lizard was killed by my dad on Tuesday! It was actually stuck in between the auto gate! The lizard was HUGE! At first, my dog was barking at something when I was playing the piano. I went and check but couldn't see anything. ( My dad was sooo true about me! I'm not a observant person! Heeeehh ) So I continue playing the piano. Later my maid went to check and saw a long tail! ( At first she thought it was a crocodile's tail ) Then I called my dad to tell him about the lizard.. And he thought it was those small lizard ) And when he came home, he saw the lizard and he killed the lizard!! Pity the lizard larh.. Anyway I have the picture of the lizard.. Care to see? :)

Help! I'm stuck! Said the lizard.

Half of the lizard's body.

Look at its tongue!

Till then.. BYE!