Sunday, June 29, 2008

Party Party Party !

We celebrated Ting Wan's birthday on Saturday. Her actual birthday fall on 2nd of July.
Same birthday as Jerry Hall. Er.... No offence but who's that? xD

Ting Wan's birthday is very very very fun I tell you. Even thought it's a all girls party. =) I can't wait for another Ting Wan's party next year! :) Whoohooo!

The party started at 4pm. I thought I was late because I was rushing from my ballet lesson to Ting Wan's party. You know, I hate being late for events , outing or party. I don't know why. When I reach there I was the not the latest! I reach there about 5pm.
Okay, let's jump the fact about who's first and who's not. Oh yeah. Surprisingly, I'm the only one who is wearing skirt on that day. OhMyGosh. Seriously! >.<
When we are still expecting for some other friends to arrive for the party. We used the computer first. We ate after that. Loads of food. There's curry chicken, 2 types of fried meehun, spaghetti, mini popcorn chicken, bigger in size pop corn chicken, hard boiled eges, some fish thingy.. ( I don't know what's it called) , nuggets, fish fingers and satay.
Played piano after that. Me, Tricha and YenYin. It seems that I can't really play well if there's people looking at every move I'm playing. Scary. xD Ahh.. There goes one of my career. =/
Played some games after that. Everybody went wild! Especially the dancing game. Really fun. :D Dance and dance with all those funky moves. Shake that ass people! Whoohoo! There's the chicken dance too. LOL!
After all these exciting games it's time for birthday cake. Yummy.

Yummylicious coffee cake.

Feeding each other cake like they just got married.

After eating the cake, we wanted to TRY to get drunk. Since there's shandy serve at the table. And since shandy have a low amount of alcohol, so we tried one shot. But it didn't really help. So we asked for beer. But no more beer left. Anyway, I do hate the beer taste. Taste awful. *ugghh*

So we end up drinking red wine. My favourite. :D Sadly Shin Yee didn't get to taste it. Nice I tell you. Don't you think so? Ting Wan, Yen Yin and Tricha drink till their face went red like apple. xD

Not that obvious in the picture thought.

This girl ( Angeline) got so drunk till she's hugging the wall.

Me and the birthday girl (Ting Wan) .

Me and Rachel.

Me and Tricha.

Ugggh, my face so round.

Me and Angeline.

Me and Min Min.

Me and Yen Yin.

Group picture. From L-R : Ting Wan, Rachel, Me, Tricha and Min min.

By the way, I'm sick now. I think it's because of the red wine. I drank the most there I think. =/
* Cough Cough *

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nuffnang wildlife blogging

Is this karma or something?
Arghhhhh!! I got the invite by Robb for the nuffnang wildlife blogging event. 2 tickets some more. But I can't go! Because parents being protective and all. Saying there's lots of adults going.

Quite true. I think.


There's a lot of people I know going too!
I can't go! T.T

I gave my ticket to Steph k. Hope you enjoy the event darling!

CLICK HERE for larger view.

Oh well, I'm sure there's other event waiting for me soon! >.<


Since Ivan drawn me already. It's my turn to draw him back. I can't draw as good like him.
But, I try my best. :D It's not really that realistic too. Mine's abit cartoonish.

But he draw very very realistic. PRO! :) Ivan is a sketch god! Just look at his drawing!

Does it look alike? :D

Okay, now. This is my version of Ivan.

The picture :-
Ivan in shock, hand pain, admiring himself, in love, spongebob wannabe, angry, drunk, sad, angelic, devil, piggy, gangster/ ahlong, lala pose, giving sweet to me! =P

Last but not least , shock - again. Because he didn't realise he was wearing a dress till now. Wahahaha. =P Thanks to me. xD Hehe.

Anyway, Ivan, I hope you like it. =)

Wanna see his drawings?

Saturday, June 7, 2008


Last monday I made PIZZA! :D
It's not too late to blog about it okay?
It's so fun making pizza than the other food. I don't know why. It's fun. Thats all I know.
I like looking at the cheese with it melts. And I like eating it..

Haha. I sound retarded. o.0
Like example me saying :-
" Ooooooohhh! I loooooveeee eatingggg cheeeeeseeeeee"

Okay la. Weird la! =x

Pizza in oven.
Pizza pizza .

Yum yum~

I know it doesn't look very appetizing like Pizza Hut's pizza.
But it taste GOOOOOOOOOOD.

Wish you get to try some?

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Got tag by Junkie Munkie!

Tag ini mesti dibuat dalam bahasa Melayu.

I can't believe I'm doing this. WTF. ISSH!

7 fakta tentang saya
Saya kini berada di Malaysia, selangor.
Saya selalu mengunakan telepon bimbit says sehingga costnya Rm100 dan ibu bapa akan merampaskan nya.
Saya suka bermain game " Maple Story"
Saya tidak suka kepada orang yang selalu kacau saya seperti kakak saya.
Suka makan kari. Bila-bila masa, beberapa kali pun boleh. Beberapa pedas pun boleh! Saya boleh tahan!
Saya susah nak makan ais-krem kerana gigi saya tak boleh menahan sejuk. o.0
Saya tidak suka Junkie Munkie
kerana dia paksa saya fikirkan perkara-perkara rumit ini.

7 perkara menakutkan saya
Hantu. =x
Ibu bapa saya.
Saya tak tau.
Saya tak tau.
Tinggi. Tidak boleh sama sekali mendekati hujung bangunan apabila di atas bangunan tinggi....

7 lagu buat masa sekarang
Taylor Swift : Teardrops on my guitar
Fergie - Big Girls Don't Cry
Pachelbel - Canon in D

Yiruma - Kiss The Rain
Mariah Carey- Touch My Body
David Cook - Always Be My Baby
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend

7 perkara yang selalu saya sebut
What la?

7 perkara yang amat bernilai
Keluarga saya!
Teman saya... :)
Rakan-rakan saya!!
Kebebasan saya? haha.
Telepon bimbit saya!
Pencapaian kehidupan saya...
Kesihatan saya...tak sihat nak buat ape?

7 “pertama kali” dalam hidup saya
Pertama kali ke negara US.
Pertama kali pergi ke sekolah. Malu malu!!
Pertama kali menonton P/s I Love You. Sedihnya!!!
Pertama kali saya bermain MapleStory.
Kali pertama saya mendapat telepon bimbit saya.
Kali pertama saya tak tahu.
Kali pertama saya tak tahu.

7 orang bertuah (JAWAB TAG NI BALIK!)




Sunday, June 1, 2008

An outing.

The title says it all. Haha.
Yeah. I went out on Friday with my school friends to One Utama.
I didn't have transport on that day and I asked Eva can she fetch me or not. About 10.30am her dad and herself came and we went to Giant first to get somethings done ( their grocery) . And WHOA! They bought 4 packs of cup noodle. 1 pack have 6 cups. That means. 4 x 6 = 24 cups noodles! Whoa! Cool? o.0

* Rings* Lots of calls coming through. Impatient people waiting impatiently. :)
1 hour late, 1 and a half hour late for the outing. People start getting mad~
Haha. Well, we are not the latest. We are the second latest! Yean Yi and her little sister Yean Hui is the last to arrive. Everybody waited about 1 and a half hour too! Aiks!

We were discussing about where to eat in front of GSC. Standing. And finally, we decided to eat at Jack place.
And Oh gawd! What a huge mistake. The service is BAD! Kean Lee couldn't wait any more longer and scold the Waitress. I wonder did they.... spit saliva or not. Oh shoot. Their food takes more then 30minutes to arrived!
-_____________________- Their food isn't that nice too. Just normal. No star rating. Like home cook meal. Yean Yi ordered spaghetti, Eva ordered some chicken thing, Yean Yi's violin friend ( SORRY! Forgot your name. I'm very bad at names! ) ordered set meal, Yean Hui ordered kids meal while Yi May, Kean Lee and me ordered grilled boneless chicken. Yi May ordered dessert too.

Grilled boneless chicken

The dessert. ( Got me on top! :D)

Jin Hong ( Yean Yi's Boy friend. Oh lala~ )ordered perrier water.

Yean Yi eating spaghetti

Eva eating her chicken thing.
Kids meal for this little kid. :P
Yean Yi's violin friend. I think his name is Jun Ren. If I'm not mistaken.
L-R Yean Yi and Me. Taken in the Restaurant.

Kean Lee was our " Ah Long'' for the day. Counting money and so. " Pay up Pay up Pay up !! " xD
After making a lot of noise, the manager finally kick us out. Haha. Joking. It's nothing like that.
We split cause Jun Ren wanted to find a tie for his suit. Yean Yi and the guys follow him while me, Yi May, Eva and Yean hui walk to FOS. Tried on some clothes and camwhore. And I bought some clothes. A skirt and black shirt. Cost- RM53.90. Cheap right?? Yi May bought the same black shirt as me. :D
I saw this really cool shirt. Got my name on it.

Crush me! o.0
Men say the dumbest things. :D Whoohoo! =x

After that, went to arcade then play pool then bowling.
The Pro.

Yean hui and Yi May.

Eva's funny face.

The sweet couple.

The End.
End of story.