Monday, September 10, 2007

Exam's Over!


Wheee! Exam's over! But the only part to worry about is, our exam results. >.< I've got back my maths result already. It was quite good but i'm still dissapointed at it thought. Anyway, Tiffany tore Seng Loh's pants. Damn cool weih. Ehheee.. Hope you don't mind me writing it here.. (: And so, Ian and Chein Vin gonna plan my birthday BBQ party. They are gonna prepare foods, drinks, and other stuff.. Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. * Smile* :D

Another thanks to Ian, and Eva for giving my birthday present early.. I Love it a lot.

My MP4 which Ian gave to me. My sister name it, ' Black Dust'. I've been enjoying it.. :D

Eva gave me this pencil box. There's a book too! I love it! <3

Guess what? My BM teacher thinks I'm not listening in class. -.-' All because AiLee was talking to me. Teacher always blame me for no reason! And she was the one who's Smsing the whole class! She drop her Phone twice too. ( Think too much on Jeremy and didn't notice her phone drop.) =P

Teacher Me

= Yijun! Kamu main-main di class arh?
= Huh? Play what? ( Acting stupid)
= Haiz. Tahun depan sudah nak PMR , dan kamu tidak memberi perhatian di dalam kelas. Sikap kamu mesti diubah la! Kamu nak dapat A atau B ?
= Er... A?
= Yeahla! Atau kamu nak cikgu yang lebih 'Handsome'?
= Er... Huh?
= Eh! Tak boleh! Nanti kamu mimpi cikgu yang ' handsome' itu, tak boleh concentrate!
= Er... Okay. Swt...

Ahaa..Anyway, have fun enjoying the ' no studying days'..