Sunday, December 2, 2007



I went to Ailee's house to play on (???) ?? Wait a minute.. When did I go to her house again? I forgot.
Can someone refresh my mind??
I really have bad memory..
Short term memory lost. Happens to me but not my family. Hmmm...Where did I get that gene from anyway?
Okay, back to the point.

I reach there about 11.30am. And guess what?
Ailee is still snoozing.
Sleep Sleep Sleep..

What a pig..
Ailee the pig.
Not a bad name.xD

Then, took some pictures together. Quite a lot of them actually. After that, I got bored. So rude larh me. Go people house then got bored. No offence!! xD So I was bored.. Played maple at her house. Wheeee~
I'm NOT addicted to Maple. Okay?!
That time I think I'm level 15? I guess.. Haha..

Yes I know. x)
Super Noob.
Superb Noob.
Supreme Noob.

-But now? Level ??? Find out yourself larh! Not that high thought.

Ailee ate muffin for her breakfast. She bake them for XueLee's birthday. More then 20 I guess. She let me eat also. It was NICE! Really good. Ailee, you should sell your muffin and you'll get a fortune. Chocolate muffin. Yumm~~
After that, we took some pictures together. And yes, we cam-whore alot. =D
She keeps taking pictures with my bear but not me! LOL.

=D Me and AiLee.

AiLee and MY teddy bear! xD
And yes, I brought my teddy bear to her house. x)

Told you she cam whore with my teddy bear allot. =P
She look so sweet!

Ehh, What are you staring at? o.0

Me! =0

Us. Together. As. Best. Friends.

Kissy kissy face! =#

My teddy bear is HUG-ABLE!! Too bad u can't have it! Neehhaa..


After that, we watch this Korean movie. I can't remember whats the name but it's about this fat women wanted to be a singer and she went for plastic surgery. Then, she got famous and in the end she admit that she went through plastic surgery and bla bla bla...
(Oh ya, the movie is 200 pound beauty )

Then AiLee's sister watch cat and dog. x)

Cat dog~~ I still remember the theme song. =/

Then, we cam whore again.
YES ! I know ..
I need to make a excuse.
Hmmn..Let me think.
Cause we love to cam whore?
Damn it. Now I'm talking crap.

Cheeseeeeeeeeeee! =D
Wheeeee~ =3 I look insane and crazzzzy! =0
Ailee always take picture also very nice.
I so JEALOUS! =XActing LALA`~

After that, we walk to Mcdonalds for our dinner! Kean Lee pay for our dinner. Ehhehee..Thanks!
*Psssshh!! I don't to spend a single sen! xD *

Before ending this post..
I have something to show you.
Scroll down~~



Okay okay..
Bye Bye!

Dear, I love you so much! <3>