Saturday, March 20, 2010


I'm going to admit something. Something that might shock you.
I, Cherry, have an addiction. Addiction to what?
Okay, before I tell you. Just take a deep breath and count 1 to 100.

Here it is. I'm addicted to..ROCKY STICKS!

Hahahahhahahaah. Fooled you.
But I kinda addicted to it. It's so-oh yummy!

Strawberry flavor is the best.
Chocolate is okay. You can't really taste the chocolate. Well, that's what I think. :)

I never tried the milk stick before. The thing is, I wonder why is the milk packet smaller than the others.

I'm eating strawberry rocky sticks now while updating this post! :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girls who swear... alot.

Girls who swear a lot is such a turn off. Seriously.

I mean come on, what is the use for saying so much swear words in one sentence or just saying it for the fun of it?
If you think it's cool, then think again.
To me, it's just so rude.
Say it once in a while it's okay but now every time in every sentences.
I'll give you an example. Just imagine, you're talking to a friend and she's swear a lot like no one business. Passerby stares at you and your friend. Doesn't that make you feel embarrass? Well it does for me. ._.
The picture says it all~

Oh yea, there's another thing too. Name calling change to vulgar name. It pisses me off to the max.
Here's the thing. A person have a surname call Kok, and some one call you " What the cock (kok)-ness". If you have that surname, of cause you'll get pissed right? Even thought he/she is your friend but it's just too much. At least say you're joking after that. Then i'm okay.

Anyway, it's just really rude if girls swear too much.
Turf. Oh josh.

I'm gonna start blogging again!

Yes. It's been a long time since I really start blogging. 1 year perhaps?
I guess the reason why I didn't blog is because I've been too busy lately with some stuff. (:
I'm going to blog once a week. If that's possible. Haha. :D
I'll start posting something tomorrow! Or later, or tonight. LOL
Oh yeahh. What do you think of my new header? Is it better then before?

Okay. I'm gonna post my picture up now! Teehehehehe!