Saturday, March 13, 2010

Girls who swear... alot.

Girls who swear a lot is such a turn off. Seriously.

I mean come on, what is the use for saying so much swear words in one sentence or just saying it for the fun of it?
If you think it's cool, then think again.
To me, it's just so rude.
Say it once in a while it's okay but now every time in every sentences.
I'll give you an example. Just imagine, you're talking to a friend and she's swear a lot like no one business. Passerby stares at you and your friend. Doesn't that make you feel embarrass? Well it does for me. ._.
The picture says it all~

Oh yea, there's another thing too. Name calling change to vulgar name. It pisses me off to the max.
Here's the thing. A person have a surname call Kok, and some one call you " What the cock (kok)-ness". If you have that surname, of cause you'll get pissed right? Even thought he/she is your friend but it's just too much. At least say you're joking after that. Then i'm okay.

Anyway, it's just really rude if girls swear too much.
Turf. Oh josh.


Victor Tan said...

Ngam la. I don't like these girls either.

Cherry said...

Haha. really lar. Some times it gets really annoying!

Isabellmiao said...

ya. i think so too.
but i can't help it when i'm being with my bf's friend that swears alot. ARGH!

Cherry said...

your bf friend swear alot or when you're with them? Lols sry confuse!

atreyu strange said...

Haha. Actually it's quite applicable to the guys too. While hanging out with my friends last night, we were introduce to this one guy and he was using at least one 'Fak' in every sentence that came out from his mouth. Well I think some people don't know that to fit in with a group, you don't necessarily have to grab our attention by so much swearing! =.=

Cherry said...

yea! i mean whats the used of saying so much swear word in ONE sentence?

kRaZy said...

I hate girls who swears excessively too! They think that they are cool, but it's quite a turn off for me lol.

Cherry said...

yeah. I know what you mean. That's why i post this up! haha :)

livelysunset said...

Visiting via innit.

Girl who swears a lot is a turn off; I agree with you! There's this girl in my place who swears a lot & apparently, she and everybody else think that it's cool. But, eww, swearing in every single question is too much.

Btw, nice post :P

Ch3rry said...

I hate those kind of people too. I think they are annoying. To them it means nothing. It's just a way of how they express their anger.

Eric Lee said...

hi..dropping from innit because I got attracted by this title as it is exactly the opposite if my previous blog posts..I'm not promoting my blog or whatsoever but if you are interested to read them, you can search for the two titles entitles "Swearing Meets Gender" and "Cursing and Its Advantages"

As you can see from above, I do not agree to your argument 100%. I do agree some tend to swear to look cool and so on but that's not the case for all. There's a difference between swearing intelligently and swearing in every sentence that come out of your mouth. Only stupid people will swear simply. I am a serial swearer but people still take me seriously although I swear a lot and not because they do not want to offend me. They are very direct in talking to me and would no even hold back to criticize me when I'm wrong.

I am not sure if you do not wanna offend guys because you only said girls swearing too much is a turn off. Or do you mean it is ok for guys to swear? Society tends to have a biased opinion towards this issue. A stereotypical mindset is serious issue.

Basically I do not feel embarrass if a friend swears a lot when talking to me even if it's a girl because each an everyone have their own way in expressing their opinion. Probably everyone had swear before in their life and some swear without knowing it. It is just a matter of perception towards the words we use. For example, many thought words like piss, crap, and bugger are not foul words but they are.

I hope you dun get offended by this honest comment of mine. I'll tell you what I hate. I hate "guys who swear that hate girls that swear"..another word, a hypocrite...and besides, people who can swear intelligently are much nicer to hang around as they are much open to opinion and criticism and are more sincere because they let themselves loosen a bit..hope you dun mind this long post but I do love your argument.. =)

Cherry said...

Lol. Don't worry I'm not offended by these.

Well, Actually It's not that i dislike people who swears a lot. It's just that I've encounter people who swear just for the fun of it. They don't swear just to express their anger or something. They just swear just for the fun of it. I'm blogging about the "just for fun of it". I admit, I do swear. But when i swear it's necessary or when I'm really really angry.

To me ( that's what I think), Guys who swear it's actually okay. I don't know why. Maybe it's just guy's nature, that's for what I think. I'm not a sexist. I guess that's all. And thanks for voicing out your opinion too. (:

Eric Lee said...

It is not sexist actually. It is just because swearing had become some sort of a trait among guys. It is not our habit actually but because the society we are in, makes us think that guys must swear at least a bit. Swearing had become an element of machoness among guys unconsciously and thus making people think that swearing for guys is ok. That's why small kids nowadays tend to swear more and brainlessly because they wanna be cool. So I don't blame you when you think that way. Because girls who swear sometimes being regarded as a turn off i assume.

haha glad you don't mind. but you have to admit, girls who swears are much more nicer to mix around. Girls who try to fake their face and attitude is now a turn off for me..

w3ndee said...

true!such a turn-off, agreed with u :)

Michelle/Michy said...

I skip around here. haha. My surname is Leng. but it doesn't pissed me off :b Joke. swear words, hmm. didn't know you're that goodie girl :D

Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I've thought about this alot..... it sure raises a few questions..