Monday, March 31, 2008

Emo emo post.

I miss those times how we used to be best of friends.
I miss those times how you used to make fun of me.
I miss those times how you used to sayang me as a sister.
I miss those times how you used to laugh and have fun together.

Why do I have this feeling that's saying I always screw up in everthing I've done?

When I'm sad, the sky turns gloomy too. :(

This is how I feel almost every night.
When I'm emo. I'll think of ..erm.. maybe this is really not a good thing to tell. o.O

Oh gosh. I better end this post before I start blabering. =/

Good night. :'(

Friday, March 28, 2008

Messy room.

Since everybody kept asking me to blog again, with my very busy schedule. I finally take time to make this post. You guys better read it and like it or else I'll bite you. Seriously. : )

Okay, maybe not a busy schedule. The thing is, I can't really online often now. Cause, it's PMR year and my parents want me to study hard for it to get 5A's.
Plus, my first term exam result wasn't really satisfying to me and my family. Accept for some subjects. =/

Anyway, today post will be about.... My messy room. xD As you can see at the title. :P

Let's start about my messy room before and after, shall we? :D

And Yes. I admit it. My room is very messy. And I'm a girl. Have you meet a girl's room this messy before? Probably not I guess. Teeheehee. I didn't really take much photo. Sorry about that if you are expecting more photo like my other post. xD
I got scolded so much for my messy room. =/ And let me tell you something. After 1 month or so, my room will be messy again! It's so hard to keep a tidy room. How do some people keep it so nice and clean?

Pictures of my messy room before cleaning up.

Messy messy table. How to study?????

Messy messy (top) cardboard. Please ignore some of the stuff I have here please.

Messy messy (lower) cardboard. By the way, my maid stuff all these stuff last time.Super messy drawer.. Supremely!!

After cleaning up.

This is so much better then before! xD So neat and tidy. Don't have to run arond finding stuff anymore.

Tidy bed! Well, except for that pen. Wonder why is it lying there. Who put it there anyway?! Grrrrr.

Guitar! It's not downstairs anymore. Happy happy!And..... some stuff. xD

Surprisingly, my room is still tidy. Let's see how long can it stay tidy.
Who wanna bet? xD Nyeehahah..

Friday, March 14, 2008

This is for Kean Lee!

He's so lucky.

Wow. This is so cool? o.0
Guess what? Kean Lee appeared in the internet! Whoa.
Here's a picture. Try and spot him. :D

It's quite easy to spot him you know. :D
Here's the link.. CLICK HERE.

So, did you get to spot him? : )

P/s: Vote for Ringo (Aka~Cheesie) for Malaysia Dream Girl!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Facial !


Let's not jump to conclusion shall we, hmmmm? :)

Okay, today I was suppose to go 1utama with my friends. Well, mostly classmates.
~ Ting Wan, Shin Yee, Tricha, Rachel, Li Yaa, Crystal Khor and Angeline. That's all right? Sorry if I left your name out.
And so, I couldn't make it after all. Cause of the election stuff. Opposition won and so on. Yeah, and you should heard about it's not very safe for you to go out after 7pm and etc etc. Parents don't want anything to happen to me, so I can't go out. I can't really argue cause it IS about my safety.
( Whoa, I'm being such a goody-goody two shoes here. )

Yeah so, I spend the whole morning and afternoon watching Television. Isn't that boring? Quite.
Plus, I'm watching cartoon for the whole day. I love being childish? Haha. I'm cherishing my childhood.

Spongebob Squarepants!

About 3.45pm, went for facial! For your information, I, Cherry, Do Not Have Any Pimples. OKAY?
I went for facial is for taking away my stupid annoying black heads away. Yes, black heads. They are super annoying.

The place where I did my facial is Giant. xD I can't really remember what's the name of the shop. But I did take a picture of the name. It's kinda blur. Sorry.

Okay, maybe it's not blur after all.

All the products.

Then, we filled in some forms. Yada yada yada.
Then, they took us into a tiny room. Where there's this machine to check your skin and so on. It's kinda cool.
First, you need to put your head inside the box. Then, suddenly there's this whitish stuff *poof* into your face.
Now, if you believe me that there's this whitish stuff gonna be at your face, then I'll say you are a dumb ass. xD
I was just joking. Okay, the truth is. Put your head in and there's this blue colour light to scan your face.

This is the machine.

After that, we went into another room. Got change into some tube dress thingy. It's so silky. And for your information. This is my first time having facial. So, I don't know anything about it till today. Then I saw this other machine. It's suppose to zap away the wrinkles. Laser it. I didn't really paid attention cause I wasn't really interested in it. I have no wrinkles. Not till when I'm 50+. :D

The machine which zaps the wrinkles away.

They did quite a lot of stuff to my face. Firstly, they gave me a welcome massage. Then wash my face. The cleanser smells really familiar. But I can't recall the smell thought. Then , take away all my annoying black heads (It's so pain! After taking the black heads off the girl say don't cry anymore. WHICH I DIDN'T EVEN CRY! =/), exfoliation, wash face again, another massage (but this time at the shoulders and face.) put some serum to prevent dryness. Last but not least, mask. Anyway, it's super relaxing. I really enjoy it.

Go and try facial if you haven't try it out! :D
Go go go!
Shoo shoo shoo!

Saturday, March 8, 2008


To those who didn't join Scouts.
You are missing alot of fun.


Yeah, this is another late post. Actually, have have damn alot of post to post out now. But, I'm so lazy to write it all. =/

Anyway, it was on Saturday and we have scouts. Yeah, Scouts.
Some of you out there thought scouts is very fun but tough. Tough as in, pumping and torturing and etc.

But hey, those are punishing. It's worth the fun okay. Well..... yeah. :)
So, that day we built a structure called tripod.

Not the camera tripod.
It looks like this.

Please, ignore the rope hanging from the tripod.

We built this structure using our bare hands you know. Bare! We don't use a glove or anything else okay. See how strong our hand and fingers is. Don't be jealous okay? xD
And look at those knods. It's super strong. Even a 70+ kg person can climb on that tripod. :)

Tripod in making.

Group photo. ( Without me. :D )

Group photo2. ( With weird looking me. =/ )

And this was, last month. xD
I told you this is a late post.


And, this is another post. But I lazy to make a new one. So, let's just continue reading, shall we? :D

Anyway, this happen like, last 2 weeks? I'm not really sure. xD
We built something like a tripod. But it is combined.

Ignore that guy there. I won't tell you who this is. :P

I think this is the best structure of all the other groups. xD No offence really.

This looks nice. Spot me! :)


I was bored. So, I make this... 'thingy'

Group photo. Nice right?

Oh yeah, there's also this group who built their structure which is not stable.
And when everybody climbs up.
Guess what?
It crash. =0

See, I told you that Scout is fun.

By the way, my computer crash. I don't really know what's wrong with it. I was typing half way then 'pom' it's off. I can't live without the computer okay! Well, actually I can. Haha.
And, sister is blaming me for spoiling the computer.
Typical typical typical.

Today is erection day. Opps, I mean election. xD
Who's winning?

I didn't really read the news. I watch abit then I realise that nobody is using the laptop.
Anyway, you can go to this website to check about the election stuff.