Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Die hard time.

Exam is tomorrow.

I hate exams. It's useless.
Tomorrow exam is SENI (art) and KHB.
Sien larh.
KHB is useless.
Same goes to Seni.
Even thought seni (art) is easy to get A and it'll pull up your average.
But still, it's boring.

By the way, I can't understand Sejarah ( History).
It's so boring.
Maths is nice. :D
It's interesting!
Same goes to Science.
I love science. :D
It's not because of chapter 4 okay? It's everything.
(Some of you out there don't know what's about chapter 4 is. Well, I can tell you. It's about reproduction. :P )
Geografi is.... okay... just okay..

No comment about Geografi.

English is okay too. =P

My aim for first term exam is ..... Get all 70 above.
Spot these things on my study desk.
There's a sunglasses on my study desk.
You must be wondering why is there a sunglasses on my study desk.
I am studying!
Who's cat is this?
I love this cat!! =)My sister bought this pig keychain for me.
Very cute right?

Last but the least. Me.
Yeah I know. I'm very dark.
This place is at Macau's airport.

I got to go!!!
Need to study! =0
Bye bye!

Wish me lots of luck!

Monday, February 11, 2008

I miss maple.

I miss my favourite Game......

.........Which is Maple Story.
I know some of you out there dislike maple.
For example: Ian , Calvin, Enrico , Yean yi etc etc.

But I've been watching some Maple videos on YouTube.
Watching those video makes me miss Maple so much more.
I can't tahan anymore.
I need Maple!
I miss MapleStory!!

Anyway, hope you enjoy those videos! =P
Even those people who dislike Maple, just watch the video okay?
It's freaking funny. =)

I cried when I watch this video. So touching! ='(

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5.

Please take some time to watch these episode. It's really really nice.

Anyway, there's more.
But, maybe next time. =)

Monday, February 4, 2008

Update update update.

Random post and Random pictures.

Okay, nothing to blog about but these pictures may make a story or something?
Hmm, make no sense.

I damn blur now.

Meet Tricha.
She's the lamest girl you've ever seen. =P
Really! She can make you laught like crap only.
Sometime her jokes are so lame no one laught eccept me.
I always laught for no reason. >.>
Oh oh!
And, she can make this really really cute voice!
She can immitate cartoon voices which is very cute!
Do you know the cartoon Mr whisker and Brandy?
Ah, better not talk about it later she scold me 99.

Eh, i've been using this number. 9
Must stop using that number!!
Oh yeah, Tricha wants to 118. ( In a sick way)
You can call Tricha this,
Lame shit.


As for me.
I keep feeling emo.
At school, home, tuition bla bla bla.
So, Tricha give me this name.
Emo shit.
Emo shit.
Emo shit.
And, I can't find any emo picsture of myself cause I don't take any.
So, that is all I have.

I think I blog some other day.
I gtg edi.