Saturday, November 15, 2008

Late birthday post

Sorry for the late birthday post.
It's just I've been busy mapling.
I've got hack >.>
So I start a new account and I wanna chiong to 3rd job so badly.
But in the end, I can't manage it. Cause I'm gonna start working
REAL soon.
So, yeah.

Anyway, back to the topic.
On November 9. It's my birthday. But I celebrate one day earlier on November 8.It's suppose to be a sleepover party. But only one can make it. Which is my best friend Debbie!

Me and Debbie. Please ignore that huge eye bag. -_-

The guys can't come for sleepover. As you know. Parents are very conservative. Well, mostly.
Girls too. -_-
Oh oh! We watch horror movie too. It's called Pulse2. It's abit scary. Well kinda.
There's nude scenes too. I didn't even know. Haha. I scream the most during the movie. Actually, I'm the only one who screams. They say the movie is not scary. But I made it scary for them with my oh-so-mighty scream. D; And I was hugging my friend through out the movie. xD

This is my friend who I hug. She pretty right? Guys, don't be jealous :P

I'll just post some pictures about the party.
Nothing much to say.. xD

Not many people come. Cause I don't want it to be a big party.
Oh, some people don't wanna take picture. Cause they know I'm gonna put it inthe net.
Right Ting wan, Shin yee ? =P Heh heh.

Me and Michelle. She pretty also right? She's my ex-neighbor
My birthday CAKE! :D Yum yum. Cappuccino cheese cake from secret recipe.
Me and my lovely cake. Super yummylicious! 10 kisses outta 10.
I love this picture too! He's my guy best friend :)
Ian Peterson Lo.
We knew each other sinces form 1. But didn't talk.
Then I know him better in form2. :D
He and his funny face :P
He says it's unfair if he make one funny face and I post it up on the net without me doing one.
So, I did one too.
And I look funny =/

Okay, I think thats all. :)
What do u think?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Sorry I haven't been updating.
You should know what I'm doing right? >.<"
Actually, there's a post coming up soon..
It's about my birthday party.
But I didn't upload the pictures yet.

So just...