Friday, January 16, 2009

American Idol

Watching American Idol makes me happy. I mean happy by means HAPPIER.
It's so funny lah! =x
Seeing those people cry makes me laugh. I feel GOOOOOOOOOOOOD. =x ( Read my MSN Personal message. Then you'll know xD )

Ah yes, call me the evil, devil-tic or devilish
. ._.
Nyek nyek nyek :)

Evil me. :) *GRINS*

That show makes me hype up.
I'll scream FAIL! PASS!
I'm currently talking to my friend about it. And look what he says about me If I'm one of the judges.

Cwerriee Cherry (: says:
Can't belive some of the people who sang badly and the judges they let them pass~
Cwerriee Cherry (: says:
[c=46]StrawBerry[/c=29] says:
[c=46]StrawBerry[/c=29] says:
I wonder how many ppl going to the final if u be the judger..
[c=46]StrawBerry[/c=29] says:
Cwerriee Cherry (: says:
>. <

But seriously. American Idol is funny and nice..
But sad for those who fail it. =/
For more American Idol please click

Don't worry. It's not in nude.

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I was bored. So I did this at MAPLESIM. You don't have to download it.
It's like dress up? Like... creating your own maple characters without playing it or using real money to buy cash items or clothes. It's quite fun. You don't have to be a maple lover to play this or anything..

cute lar. =x
Ghost ghost. LoL!
Looks like my character in maple.

I like this! Don't know why..

So what you think?
Wanna try? :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Finally an update!

LOL! Yeah u guess it!
Everybody been telling me GO UPDATE YOUR BLOG! IT'S SO DEAD!

Yeah so..
My blog will be a lil bit dead cause school is already starting. But I'll try my best to update it ONCE a WEEK!
Hey, It's alot already okay? Better then an update a month right? Like the previous =x

So... I'm gonna study now =x
Seriously. I'm not joking.

Oh btw, I perm my hair. xD
Nice? O.O