Sunday, April 20, 2008

My thoughts on Malaysian Dreamgirls

Since everyone is talking about Malaysian Dreamgirl I shall jump on the bandwagon and blog about it too!

Introducing Sazzy Falak, the host

who judges.

And the judges - Elaine Daly, Kenny Sia & Lim Jimmy

who occasionally hosts as well.

Bit confused there aren't you?


I've been watching MDG religiously since it first came out and FIQA has been favourite all this while. Needless to say, I was pretty disappointed when she got voted out few weeks ago. =( So now the next contestant I'm rooting for is HANIS!
Anyway, here are my takes on the remaining contestants;

This pose rocks! I like the way her legs and arms are positioned. Gives a very flowly sorta impression, which I *think* also gives the dress a kinda floaty and light feeling.
oh my goodness her face so cannot make it. Is it me or is her facial expression almost similar in every photoshoot? -_- I hope to see more variety in her expressions coz I think she does have the potential to be a model.


Ah..Cindy Cindy no versatility. She, I think, is the weakest contestant among the rest. I've got nothing good to say about this picture. Face = stoned. Pose = stiff. Everything = blah. She looks very lost. Why is she still in the competition!?!?!? *baffled


Very elegant and sexy. I especially like the way she uses her arms, makes them look longer and more delicate, way better than her Savanh Too photo whereby her right hand fingers were kinda awkwardly placed. Good that she's shown tremendous improvement since her first photoshoot. =) Vote Hanis (Dream 06) ok ok ok?!!

Next, we have


Another one with a cannot make it face and in this picture she looks as if she's doing tai-chi. Though, I've gotta admit, she has a killer body and height and looks good strutting down the runway, she doesn't appeal much to me as the look-good-in-photo type of model.

And she somehow reminds me of my friend. Hahahahahhaha!!

Doesn't she?


Here she looks like a drowning mermaid. I know, mermaids don't drown, but she just looks like one here. Oh, make that a possessed drowning mermaid. And Nadia, you look like you're holding your breathe and you seem very very tense.

One more thing, if you look closely, there are only 4 fingers on her right hand. Eh, why her thumb disappear one? Photoshop blunder perhaps?

And last but not least,

Ringo a.k.a Cheesie

Hai-yak! Jay's counterpart in martial arts. Her left hand's doing the chopping motion. Lol! But other than that, she's got the fierce look going on. This picture is oklah, not bad, but not very good either. She has much to improve on.

Alrighty then, nothing else to say already. Episode 14 of Malaysian Dreamgirl is out already. Faster go watch! And vote for Hanis! Thank youuuuuuuuuu =)

Friday, April 11, 2008

A short post for a short day.

I was looking through some of my older pictures when I came across this video. =)
Haha, this video is kinda disgusting but yet funny. xD
This video always makes me laugh when I watch it. I love it so much. Hahahaha..
By the way, this short video was made last year.

Anyway, enjoy it. :)
Oh and Cal, if you are reading this post. Don't get angry with me okay? ;p
It's just for a little good laugh. And, it'll refresh your memory! ;D

So, what did you think of the video?
Funny? Nice? xD

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

PMR's coming! :(

I didn't get to post a post about April fool day. =( Oh well, should I wait for next year?
Oh. Waaaait a minute.. I'm so outdated! :(
I didn't blog for like.. a week? And poof! There goes the outdated word. =/
And so, I'm not going to post a post about April fools day. Sadly.
Let's just hope this picture will cheer you up! : )

You are such a PIG. You Piggy! =P Yes, I'm crapping now. xD

Lets move on with the post. Alright? : D
Okay.. So..

I've heard that the Education Ministry have changed the PMR date from 13,14,15 of October- 4,5 November to 13-17 of October. (You guys should know about it already right?) That means, there's more time to study and less time for playing. xD
But seriously, I don't really mind. :) (OhMyGawd. This is so not me.)
Usually I'll be saying, that's not fair! Last year, they have more time to relax after PMR! (Their PMR starts on early September last year.) And, if I was sitting PMR last year, maybe my Maple would already reach level 70 in 3 months by then! xD

Let's look at the bright side.
After PMR, I can continue my daily Mapling again. Which means, less blogging and msn-ing. =X
Oh shut up Cherry. xD

*Slap self*

Study study study.
I hardly have anytime to enjoy what other teens are doing right now.
No! Not those sicky horny kinky kind of things. -_________-
What I meant was daily stuff. For example, using the computer, playing, shopping, watching TV, MAPLING!!, and some other stuff I lefted out. xD
Oh, and besides studying. There's lots of project jumping on me now.
Stupid projects. They are such a waste of time. >:(
Who agrees with me? Heeeeeh.

Oh well. Lets just end this post with some other pictures. : )

See, I've told you before. I'm so dark and ugly! *Crys* Yeah yeah. Ugly picture of me.
Stop looking! >:(Little bit of a candid photo. I don't really know what am I doing thought. =/


Hehehe. I'm so free to do this. xD

28weeks, 196 days, 4704 hours left till PMR arrives.