Sunday, August 17, 2008

what if P turn to F ?


My sister told me. There's this guy ( don't know from where) pronounces he's P to F.

Well, it's actually one of her friend working the same place as she is now. Colleague
Like one time , he was talking on the phone. Taking orders from a lady. And he says do you want curry fluffs? Instead of curry puff. He says curry fluff! Quite funny.
I'm not trying to insult him alright!?

Anyway, wanna hear a joke?
Ready? Okay!


Linda: Hey Sam! Where did you park your car?
Sam : Where I fark my car? I Fark my car at the Farking lot.

Haha. You get it? *winks* ;)

By the way, went shopping today :) Saw loads of my friends there. Bought lots of stuff too.
Mind guessing?

Btw, I like guessing game. It's fun. Mysterious.
Heh Heh.