Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cherry gone.... Lala?

Nahh, I didn't go lala. :D Some of my friends would kill me if I change into that. Hmmm, I wonder why..
Actually, being so called " Lala" is not that bad. It's just a fashion towards some people. YOU may not like it but some other people like that kind of fashion. I, do have to admit this. Last time, when I see " Lalas" I would go - YER! LALAS! YUCK! Why would people dress like that? So over dress only! >.<
Heh heh, sorry for my ungratefulness towards you all last time. =x

Oh yeah, let's change to those kawaii (cute) pictures.

They say, some people "act" cute in the pictures.
Okay, sometime people do overdo it..
But ...What if.. they didn't?
Yes, I know. It's kinda obvious right?
Some people says I act cute when I take pictures. But to be frank. I don't. I repeat. I DO NOT! Th
ere's difference! JUST LOOK!

*WARNING! This is an example of a kawaii picture.

Those are act cute pictures.
And yeah I know. I look fugly with these kinds of photo.

This is how I normally take pictures
I prefer this though! xD

Some of you may not agree with me. If you wanna say something then just leave at the comment box.